Respected. Dedicated. Committed to Justice.

Michele Hangley is a Democratic candidate for Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas. A native Philadelphian and a graduate of Philadelphia’s public schools, Michele has received local and nationwide honors for her legal accomplishments and service to the community. Michele is experienced, evenhanded, and compassionate. If elected, she will be a good and fair judge for all Philadelphians.


From the 1980s, when she was one of the first six girls to attend formerly all-male Central High School, to 2018, when she worked on the lawsuit that redrew Pennsylvania’s gerrymandered Congressional districts, Michele has fought for fair treatment for all.

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Michele has never been afraid to stand up for what is right, even when doing the right thing is unpopular. When she was 16, a Court of Common Pleas judge ordered Philadelphia’s Central High School to admit female students, and Michele was one of the first six girls to attend. She is featured in No Girls Allowed, a documentary about what the girls of Central experienced in the first year of integration.

With thanks to filmmaker Darlene Craviotto and executive producer Victoria Johns.